Training parents and educators

As a school, do you also want to involve and equip your pupils' parents in relationships and sex education? Do you want to train the teachers and other educators of your school, organization or church as well? It is important to act together as school and family. Therefore, we highly value that schools organize parents' sessions at school or facilitate training sessions for teachers and other educators.

Parents' session
During the parents' session, parents are invited to talk openly and confidently with their child about relationships and sexuality at home. In this way, children can be guided to take their place in today's society with wonder, trust and resilience.

During this session, knowledge is shared, but there is also plenty of room for interaction, talking things through together and asking questions. Afterwards parents can take home the Wonderfully Made booklet for parents in which they can read the topics that are presented at school.

At the end of the parents' session, parents are:
1. informed about the relationships and sex education at the school of their child(ren);  
2. motivated to talk openly and confidently with their child(ren) about relationships and sex.

Training for teachers and other educators
Wonderfully Made is being introduced at your school. You would like support in implementing the curriculum. During the team training Wonderfully Made will be presented so that all teachers and other educators are equipped to talk in openness and trust with their students or purpils about relationships and sexuality. In this way students can be guided to take their place in today's society with wonder, confidence and resilience. Both information transfer and interaction will work on the same set goals.

At the end of the training:
1. Every teacher has gained insight into the contents and backgrounds of Wonderfully Made (lesson overview, Christian perspective, personal development, child development, society, sexual abuse);
2. Every teacher can identify the principles and guiding themes of Wonderfully Made.
3. Every teacher is aware of his/ her own story, background, and boundaries.
4. Every teacher can use the lessons of Wonderfully Made to work on personal development.
5. The team has made practical agreements about the lessons of Wonderfully Made within the school and the role of each teacher or eduator in the program.

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