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Physical changes, norms and values, resilience and sexuality in our society: Wonderfully Made teaches children how to deal with sexuality in a Biblical way. We need to live in accordance with the Scriptures in order to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strenght, and to serve our neighbors as ourselves.

Why sex education for children?
Sexual formation is a natural part of education. Children grow up as boys or as girls. During their childhood, children need guidance of educators as an example. Attention to sexual formation is also important because sexuality can be surrounded by brokenness and sin. Sexuality as a gift from God is meant to be wonderfully beautiful and intimate.

Why sex education at school?
Although sex education is primarily a task of parents, the school can also play an important role. At home, the parents only have their own child(ren), a school class is full of boys and girls of the same age. At school, children can learn to speak to peers about sexuality in a good way. In fact, as a teacher, you can offer them a safe environment. Furthermore, school provides a natural learning environment to repeat topics and practice skills. The school can also be a safety net for pupils whose sexuality is not (properly) discussed at home.

Why this curriculum for sex education?
A curriculum with clear objectives and elaborate activities helps to address sex education in a positive way. If it does not have a structural place, there is a big chance that it will often be unpleasantly highlighted. This occurs, for example, when you have to respond to obscene language, news reports or unpleasant behavior which takes place in the classroom or in the school yard. Often, teachers also experience embarrassment taking action.

Why Wonderfully Made?
Wonderfully Made for primary education is developed from a Christian view of life. We choose a broad perspective on sexuality: physicality, sexuality, resilience and ethics are closely linked.

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